Business Strategy Development

Business success does not just happen. First, you need to define what business success you are aiming for, and then work out how to make that success actually happen. Trans4mation can work with you to develop a documented and achievable strategy, that is holistic and considers all elements of your business.

Business Strategy Implementation

Once your business strategy is documented and fully approved, Trans4mation can work with you to implement the plan, and associated projects dictated by the strategy.

Pricing strategy

We can develop frameworks for you to work out fixed fee pricing by accurately assessing your cost of production. We can also work with you to develop a pricing structure for each of your work types. And if you want to go one step further, we can help you to get rid of the burden of timesheets!

Human Resources Strategy Development

Your people are your greatest asset. Recruiting and training new staff can cost practices substantial
amounts of money but these expenses can be reduced by employing and retaining the right people. Trans4mation can help you to develop strategies to improve and retain your talent, and win the talent war with ’employers of choice’.

External Board Representation

Many legal firms are moving toward independent third parties joining their Board. Marg Fitzsimons has spent many years working with Boards and helping legal firms to make strategic decisions.

Corporate Governance

We can help you to implement a corporate governance structure and policies and procedures for Board related matters to ensure the success of your legal firm.

Succession Planning

If your equity partners and senior staff are nearing retirement, Trans4mation can help you to formulate
a succession plan.

Retreat Facilitation

Trans4mation can provide independent facilitation at partner/board retreats and can design a program based on your individual needs.

Due Diligence

If you are looking at a potential merger with another practice, or adding a lateral recruit or workgroup,
Trans4mation can you help you assess the business opportunity so that you can make a fully informed
business decision.

Think Tank

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all that is necessary to turn a problem into a business advantage or to provide a workable method of implementing a new idea. Many professional practices have sophisticated systems of management but would benefit from a trusted advisor. Trans4mation is able to provide this service at short notice to meet your business priorities if needed.

Workflow Strategy Development

The development of automated workflows within your business are an important leveraging tool. If your strategy is to leverage down to your junior staff and leave your senior people to do the one off strategic and high level work, workflows are the answer. While many practices use workflow for some areas of specialisation e.g. conveyancing, those practices who ‘think big’ will be the winners in the efficiency, leveraging and profit war.

Workflow Design

Once your workflow strategy has been completed we can design your workflows and project manage their implementation.

Business Process Reengineering

Trans4mation can review your business processes for efficiency and best practice. We can re-engineer processes where necessary and provide documentation and training. If you are not getting the most out of your practice management software, we can help you to review capabilities and to document a project list of new features to be rolled out to your practice. We can also assist in managing those projects if you wish.